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Gold Buying

We have a full team of jewellery brokers to buy your unwanted gold. We also purchase diamonds, precious gems and coins. We pay the highest prices in the area and will beat any competitor’s price.

Since 1969 we have been running this family owned business with customer satisfaction at the forefront. We have our own gemologist that has always had a passion for studying gems. If you are in a bind and have unwanted gold, diamonds, precious gems and coins, we can help you out. We will buy your gold, diamonds, precious gems and coins, and give you top dollar in exchange for them. Our honest business and experience in this field make us the best jewellery brokers in the area.


We offer you insurance valuations on your precious jewellery. Our jewellery valuation service is conveniently available. Our team of experienced jewellers and watch valuers can help – we are trusted and respected to provide accurate, objective and convenient jewellery valuations every time. We also provide a certificate (official document) after valuation, giving details of jewellery weight and description and stating current cost.

They are trained to identify the tiniest details that can affect a valuation and are familiar with the techniques used in the manufacture of imported and modern jewellery, and the creation of antique pieces.


Working from our fully equipped workshop we provide a first class, fast and efficient jewellery repair, remodelling and design service. Where possible we will try to do on the spot repairs.

I have now been repairing broken costume jewellery for a few years and have noticed that there are some common recurring problems which can be fixed easily to prolong the life of your costume jewellery. Please do not attempt any home repairs on broken fine or valuable jewellery – it is always best to take these items to a reputable jeweller for repairs and alterations.


With the UK and wider economies in much publicised turmoil, gold offers about as much certainty as you can get. Gold offers the ultimate insurance against economic instability and unrest as gold bullion, unlike other investments, will always hold a value. Gold bullion is an effective way of hedging against other investments as the gold price tends to be particularly buoyant when other investments such as stocks and property are under-performing .

Gold can also be used effectively to insure you against other economic factors such as inflation and deflation, interest rates, stock market jitters and currency problems. Importantly, as a highly precious metal, gold’s worth is recognised internationally, and is considered highly valuable no matter where you are in the world. An additional, convenient, positive aspect is that gold bars and gold coins can be taken with you easily, wherever you go.

Precious Stone

Gemstone jewellery of every different colour, be it set in two-toned, yellow, rose, white, or even three-toned gold has played a major role in every jewellery-wearer’s life. Gemstones are often worn to provide luck to the wearer, ensure a hurdle-free future and also help with nutrition needs. Stones such as amethysts and quartzes are known to provide luck in life and love, rubies are known to have significant health and prosperity benefits, and sapphires have been known to guard against financial losses.

Gemstones have also been connected with the birth dates of the wearer, making different types beneficial to different people and hence acting as their birthstone.

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To discover your dream diamond and find your perfect bridal set, visit the luxurious showroom at Ramesh Jewellers.

Home to the largest collection of wedding bands in the UK, a complete engraving, sizing and polishing service is part of the service and when it comes to the all important rock, you can be satisfied that all our diamonds are GIA certified and come with one years free insurance.

Can’t find what your looking for? We provide a bespoke jewellery service with a turnaround of one day ensuring you look as dazzling as your desires. Get in touch today.

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